Heart's A Mess (VOCAL Cover) created by OhhKayy 13 years ago

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So I made a bet with my best friend, I lost. I had to make a vocal cover of a song: I chose "Heart's a Mess" by Gotye. This is just a real short cover, cos I used Audacity to cut out the actual vocals so I can sing. So enjoy my really lame singing! :)

Pick apart
The pieces of your heart
And let me peer inside
Let me in
Where only your thoughts have been
Let me occupy your mind
As you do mine.

Love ain’t fair
So there you are
My love.

You have lost
(Too much love)
To fear, doubt and distrust
(It’s not enough)
You just threw away the key
To your heart

You don’t get burned
(’Cause nothing gets through)
It makes it easier
(Easier on you)
But that much more difficult for me
To make you see…

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Apr 02 2012
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