Same-Old New Start created by stEAmpowered 5 years ago

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Genre: Rock/Metal Mood: Happy/Excited Theme: Other

I really think that I got into character with this. I just started to wander off like I always do and then I got this great tune in my head that I couldn't get out. I'd been inspired earlier by another fan of rock and decided that it was about time I made another one of those "epics". I went onto the MS program and found the instruments that were the closest-sounding to what I had imagined, and then BOOM! I made an even catchier tune. I added it into the song as a chorus and soon I got this song. The title I got from how I usually make "dramatic" songs, hence the 'Same Old' part. The 'New Start' I got from the new tune that started creating this song. So I hope you guys like it about as much as I do, and thanks to you guys out there for supporting me and driving me to make the music that I do today =D! BTW, the theme is more happy than excited. If I had a choice I would put down Happy/Bright (even though it may not sound bright or happy in the beginning). Don't forget to turn the volume up =DD!!!!

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