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She walks up the mountain expecting a friendly jellyfish, which instead she climbs to find a tyrannosaurus, whose size is that of a squirrel. After observing, she trips on a flower, whose face is cute as a button. She says hello to him. He says hello back. She gets back up with a smile on her face. She then walks to the top, the summit, of the mountain, then walks onto the platform made of cold hard stone with railings made of wood oak. She looks out, with the sight of a magnificent mountain range that reaches the outer horizon. She howls at the image of a comet asteroid, with fast flying debris behind, when it appears to stay still. She glorifies on the sight of a Chinese dragon made of flaming paper, with trails of blue and green plasma light. Birds flock out of the trees from its roar. It would be the psychedelic land that everybody's dreamed of.

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