Tripedelia created by blanktown48 4 years ago

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Genre: Electronic/Techno Mood: Happy/Excited Theme: Birthday
[Groove] Alley
[Bounce] Andromeda
[Bounce] Forest Life
[Effect] Home Run!
[Bounce] Light Walk
[Effect] Space War
[Bounce] Whisy-Whash Fellow
[Arpeggio] Cozy Acoustic Guitar
[Arpeggiator] Aggressive Synth
[Arpeggiator] Crazy Panning Euro Synth
[Arpeggiator] Funny Filtered Synth
[Melody] Juicy Delayed Pad Synth
[Melody] Prim Lead Synth
[Melody] Simple Wah Guitar
[Chord Harmony] Silky Warm Pad
[Moving] Weired ResoPad Synth
[Chord Harmony] Peaceful Synth Pad
[Rhythm] Funny Wah Guitar
[Rhythm] Funny Wah Low Synth
[Rhythm] Psychedelic Synth
[Rhythm Arpeggiator] Chasing Dark Filter Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Profound Warm Pad Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Rough Filtered Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Strange Soft Synth
[Normal Long Tone] Frequency Bass
[Normal Long Tone] Tube Bass 2

I've made it to TWO YEARS of being a PSYCHEDELIC MIND!!!!!!!! >:D



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Apr 18 2016
Aug 10 2015
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