Caverns to Blue Organic Chandeliers created by blanktown48 12 months ago

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Genre: Electronic/Techno Mood: Light/Bright Theme: Movie
[Arpeggiator] Ambiguous Soft Synth
[Rhythm] Moderate Warm Synth
[Effect] Strange Door
[Effect] Hell's Fire
[Effect] Arghh!
[Effect] Crazy Times
[Effect] Robopet
[2x Fast] Maze
[Simple Long Tone] Pick Bass 2
[Chord Harmony] Lazy Warm Pad
[Chord Harmony] Gloomy Warm Pad String
[Moving] Marvelous Wind Synth Pad
[Rhythm] Marvelous Pad Synth
[Chord Harmony] Easy Filtered Pad
[Chord Harmony] Marvelous Synth Pad
[Rhythm Theme] High Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Lazy Delayed Synth
[Rhythm] Funny Electric Guitar
[Sustained] Gloomy Electric Guitar
[Arpeggiator] Crazy Hard Tube Synth
[Arpeggiator] Exiting Rezo Synth
[Arpeggiator] Generous Synth
[Arpeggiator] Congenial Bell Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Aggressive Euro Synth
[Arpeggiator] Confusing Soft Synth
[Rhythm] Monotonous Delayed Lead Synth
[Slow Rhythm] Secret Bell E.P
[Rhythm Arpeggiator] Simple Low Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Doped Soft Rezo Synth
[Rhythm] Serious Muted Synth
[Arpeggiator] Doped Slow Attack Synth
[Rhythm] Sharp Saw Lead
[Moving] Gloomy Pad Synth
[Chord Voicing] Desolate Modern E.P
[Melody] Dreary Bell E.P
[Rhythm Arpeggiator] urgent Dark Filtered Synth
[Moving] Tense Synth
[Moving] Marvelous Rezo Pad Synth
[Rhythm Theme] Moderate Delayed Synth
[Chord Voicing] Romantic Panning E.P
[Moving] Marvelous Bell Synth

The herb is harsh, but you don't mind. Closing your eyes to find yourself floating down a river in a raft through a cave to discover you are surrounded by what appears to be blue glowworms representing chandeliers. You feel each and every little being touch your whole body gently as you pass through. This dream seems too beautiful to be true. But alas it is.


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