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This is the second song for the new album I'm making.


Multiverse or Super-Symmetry?

I recently saw a documentary about particle physics and they talked about the newest particle,
The "Higgs", and they were trying to calculate the mass of it.

Now I'm not going to get in depth about the math part.
Anyways, this particle is still a real problem with a lot of the rules of physics.
There were two theories that explains one of the universe's mysteries.
One is that there isn't just one universe, but many different universes. It is chaotic and full of chaos.
In the other one, everything in the universe must have an exact opposite. Thus making it nice and neat in a way of symmetry.
Now the mass of the "Higgs" particle will determine witch theory is the one that is true.
Strangely the scientist found out the the mass is actually in between the two numbers that indicates the two theories.

That is the reason why the Higgs is a big problem.
It didn't take long for me to realize that there must be a different type of theory that involves both characteristics.
I call it, the "Gradient" universe.
It is hard to explain what it actually is.
I couldn't make it more understandable.

And why does this relate to this song?
I honestly don't know XD

I just want to say that because it was interesting.


G_COMET: Yes, yes, I know.


This song is also dedicated to my old friend, HEBS.
It was remixed from his comet theme.
I know he might be gone somewhere else and possibly never see this song.
I don't care.
He is still out there.

HEBS was a very kind guy.
And he did so much here...
It is like I can't live without his inspiration!
Tough times, tough times...
It is like I just fell through a dimension of paradoxes and dreams...
flying into a vortex, and escaping through a maze.
Going through Dimensions and realities.

-=-=-=-=-=-=Made By G_Comet=-=-=-=-=-=-

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