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Always a good way to see music in prospective.

I haven't made anything lately, but I think this one would get you hooked.

Our cometary bodies admire your music and inspiration indeed.
Our kerbals admire this as well.
WHat is this anyway?

B-Comet: A song :)
E-Comet: No, a sound!
C-Comet: Get it right! It is not just a song.
C-C-Comet: What is it then smarty pants?
X-Comet: Do comets wear pants?!

Anyways, what I-
A-Comet: Guys, Guys! D-Comet is being scratched by a PROBE!!!
G-Comet: CAN YOU GUYS SHUT UP, I'm trying to explain this song!!!
*Every Comet*: Sorry...


Enjoy the ever-changing themes, and unique combinations (I think...)

I worked pretty hard on it, made a ton of mini-songs and end up killing most, getting ideas from people.

Now this came to you guys, I hope you like it.

"Music is more than just sound"

-=-=-=-=-=Made by F-Comet=-=-=-=-=-=

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