ӾWild SoundsӾ created by GComet 10 years ago

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Genre: Electronic/Techno Mood: Running/Wild Theme: Game


I just went through a worm hole, and guess what I found!?

Cubes! Haha.

But these are funky cubes! Oh and a prob landed on me! AHH!!!

Stop diggn' me, it is annoying me! OH! That tickles xD

This song is a one of it's kind, and it is quick paced, ever-changing from theme to theme, Oh and it is also once called Essenas, so... yeah... Special thanks to Blanktown, Golden Carp, and a few other shakers to give me an idea for this kind of music!


Make sure you eat your pink mushrooms, you'll need them!

|| Made by Comet Tempel-1 ||

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