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Genre: Ballad Mood: Alone/Lonely Theme: Animation

It twas a crisp many months ago when i remixed "rising" by fellow shaker lightning24 into a huge master piece witch i called "apocalyptic" oh how i so badly wanted it to hit number one

remixing rising again now, i realize that apoaclyptic was not as deserving as i originally thought. im glad it didnt hit number one.

I made this song as a goodbye to my best friend ive ever had on this site. his name is jakio

he has earned my upmost respect, because he was at a time, where he was being neglected and ignored but he still worked just as hard. he never gave up on the music.

Thats all that really matters my friends, is music. many of us have forgotten that, as we constantly pick fights with eachother

Jakio has always made some of my favorite songs. i always knew he was meant for great things on this site. he may not have achieved all those great things i had hoped for, but you dont need thousands of plays or red boxes with the number one in them. all it takes is careful and thurough anlysing of them of the music. and with that, you can tell that jakio made very impressive works of art

well jakio, we have reached our climax on this quite interesting journey together. i wish you the best of luck in any plans you have for the future, and i reccomend looking more into that writing career. may the path ahead be smooth. farewell my old friend

Remixed from Rising by Lightning24
Genre: Jazz Mood: Alone/Lonely Theme: Other
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