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ive been told my songs are garbage crap ear rape.

so i tell these n00bs who tell me this, to look at my song "unstoppable". you know, the one with 1000 plays

but apparently, my music sucks too much to get that kinda playage, so im then accused of "boosting"

how many of you actually know what that is?

after this, i tell these asshoes to look at my song "unstoppable". you know, the one with 50 favorites

50 mother fucking favorites.

all i see on musicshake now is just boost booost boost boost boost, and then when i call boosters out on their cheap behavior, their butt buddies come to defend them and gang up on me, slandering me with the insults listen above.

what a fun website!

looking back on this sorrowful like I (we) have had on musicshit, this site was run by the people. they made it so people wanted to join this website.

but todays people of musicshit, are scumbag shit stains that feed off of drama. to spot these dickcheeses, look for the following:

1: they boost, aka the form of cheating your plays in an attempt to make your self look better then everyone else, done by rapidly clicking play button.

Its funny when their friends defend them, and then attack the people who call them out. stupidity at its finest.

"cough, Iamzyrie, Cough, Memoo, Cough cough"

2: big ego

A lot of people dont know their place here at musicshit. take oeroe for example, most fanned mother fucker here, everyone knows him, highly respected, and he doesnt ever brag about it. and 89 ford, umpteen number ones, hundreds of top 10s, doesnt brag about it.

perfect example set for a leader.

now take a look at this:

I'm a Musicshake Legend~ Via; The King Of DarkWave.
Greatest in the Art of Darkwave and Trance here.

how cute.

this kind person is just a prick who wants to be recognized, so they go around preaching how they are god of music.


but know. your dream of being the best at making music on this corrupt site, will never come true. so you attempt to make others believe that by stating so, and you accomplish nothing but make your self look like a lousy asshole.

3: people who use this site like it is facebook.

for example: you getting into a fight with someone, and after it starts to die down, they come to YOUR PROFILE, and start to stir the pot.

instead of the mature thing of just closing the lid, they just create more drama. Its like they cant breathe without it. This is a site to make music, i dont even know why musicshake even added the community feature when they made this.

Ive reached my peek on this site. my ideas are few and my ambition is low for making music. most of my friends have left. This new generation of shakers antagonizes me. i dont know why ive stuck around so long. It used to be all about the people for me. having fun with them. I remember one of my older friends,he was a peaceful person, very kind and helpful. his name was Hebs. he was highly respected, and when he left, it caused quite a stir in this community. I look at the way everyone behaves now, and i just think of how dissapointed Hebs would have been. those of you that knew him should think about that once in a while.

Just realize how your actions can affect this website.

tell me hwat you think of this fucking description. if you think im being one of your "haterz" and want to tell me how much dick i suck, you can go ahead. or, if you want to act like sensible mature humans, then engage in exrpessing your opinion.


Remixed from Eye of the beholder by CAB1
Genre: Rock/Metal Mood: Light/Bright Theme: Animation
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