Get Tweekermen created by Scorpius 13 years ago

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Genre: Rock/Metal Mood: Running/Wild Theme: Movie

"Get tweekermen" Is a sequel to a song I collaberated on with DirtbagLife called" The Tweekermen Connection" Which was a tribute to Detective and Crime movies and TV shows from the 70's."Get Tweekermen" Is my vision of what a modern version of that song would be.

I finally can address this situation that has transpired her. This will be the only mention of it you will receive from me.I probably would not even bother with this except I think I owe it to a certain little lady.So flicker this is for you. I owe you this much just out of respect for what you were made to suffer through because of some sad hateful people!

Apparently this songs popularity caused a truffle with the small minded and extremely jealous musically handicapped!To them I say " You think I really care what you think" You are just a couple of hurtful,vicious shallow individuals. That I do not have to explain anything to.Your lucky you even got this response.Just because you are incapable of achieving much musically. Does not mean that others are hemmed into your small view of the world.Regardless of your slander it was a great song.If it had not been it would not have done as well as it did as quick as it did.It is possible to make a very good Song even if its not based on a Japanese pre-schoollers cartoon or a 10 year old boys comic book hero.

I see it still took several months before it even reached the number of plays a certain person who uses a car company's namesake amassed in a week.With that kind of Fan pool I am almost certain that you would belong to the same network I do and their would have been a buzz going around the professional community.About some new rising star. But you know for some strange reason I never herd that song once.Nor herd anybody speak of it.You think you would at least herd the name of the person tossed around in certain circles.I generally know about new artist and possible hit music months before it is released to the general public. But for some reason that amazing piece of##% that garnered so many plays in one week.Just flew by like a stealth jet and nobody in the professional community had even herd of a new artist that was getting so much attention to his music. I wonder why that is, Well not really.I am sure any sane people in this particular music community are not baffled about it ether.I will say that you did pick the right car company's name to wear. Simply because they actually are the ones that invented the assembly line.From what I have seen you are an expert in operating one.( Thanks Flick for that little anecdote.It still cracks me up) That's All I am going to say about that!

I do want to apologize to Flickermouse.Regardless of what you have said. You still had to go through all of this garbage, Simply because I could not post, and some sad individuals took their anger at me out on you!Though you know my absence unavoidable. None the less, it does not make me feel any better!You little missy are the most stubborn mule headed person I think I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! I told you just to pack up and move along because this community had been corrupted by a few bad apples.But oh no, not you!You would have none of it.If any of you decent people in this community ever read this.I want you to know that she did not stay here for me,Nor for herself.She stayed here for you.She seemed to thank that this was a community worth saving. All I can say is after what I saw happen to her she must see something that I surely can not see.I watched here day after day week after week be the target of mental abuse lies and slander about her character. I saw her ask for help more times then I care to admit.Where not one person cared enough to spend the time to look into what was going on.At least not until just recently!It was disgraceful in the least.Simply because this tragedy has been going on for 6 months.Even if you believed the lies and slander that were being spread about her were true.You still would of thought that the good people of this community would have stood up and said enough is enough after a while.please leave this poor girl alone.But what I saw absolutely confounded me. Not only did nobody try and put a stop to it.But I watched time and time again where a bunch of you just joined right in on the the abuse.If that was not horrible enough.Then you directed your sympathies to the sad hurtful individual that was not only responsible for the whole affair. But the same person who kept it going month after month for his own personal amusement!I have no doubt in my mind that that creature has a real rude awakening when he grows up and has to go out into the real world.

After witnessing that I pretty much decided that once my issues were cleared up that I would not be returning to this community. which I choose not to be associated with.I am sorry Flick somebody had to say it and this is the first chance I have had and the only time I am going to mention this whole horrible event in public.You sure have a thick skin kid!Unlike DBL,I can still hear him ranting on skype! Man now that dude was pissed.He is a hot head that's for sure.There is somebody who was so mad he was spitting nails!I think he definitely made the right decision by leaving as you should have. If he would of stayed there would not even be a community left.

Still I feel responsible for this whole mess. I came to music shake because I thought it was a nice small community full of supportive individuals that all had a love for music. This was a place I could come to in my personal time and relax.No pressure no deadlines no dickheads.A place where I could experiment with certain types of sounds and different musical styles. A place were I could do things anonymously Without any pressure from the corporate side of my business.Well that was a foolish pipe dream as I was to soon find out.Hence the reason I had to take a hiatus from music shake.But before I left I directed Flickermouse to Sorena. I told her that she was a nice person that had been around the community for a long time and would be helpful to her while I was gone!Well Flick that's another thing I owe you a apology for.If I had thought for one second that she would turn on you and treated you as horribly as she did. I would not ever have suggested it. It was a big of a shock to me as it was for you.I don't know how I could have misjudged her so much. I never in my wildest dream believed that she of all people could be so cruel and vicious.I am sorry Flickermouse.

One last thing I know I told you I would come back to Music Shake once I finished with all my legal garbage. But it just is not the same to me here anymore.Especially after what I saw you go through.I have a couple of songs that I had put together before hand. I still may post them for shits and giggles even though I don't see much purpose in it.Because I figure all it will do is cause more trouble.You know as it is for you anything I put out now will just become a big show for those few sad individuals who can not let go of their insecurities and hate!Besides you will probably get to hear them him or facsimiles of them in about 6 months.I will send you and DBL a copy of the demos shortly. I know, yes I will keep my promise about recording together.When you are on break this summer you can come down and visit for a week or two and We can spend the whole time in the studio if you want. That's the least that I can do after what you have been through.You have my email and Phone# use them whenever you like and we can still skype as much as you want.Sorry about the last time! I seemed to have fallen asleep.A little to much jack i believe..What can I say old habits die hard, but it was a lot of fun up till that point.

Last thing I have to say is for all the haters that want to come here and post go right ahead it will have no effect on me I doubt that I will even read them.I care to waste the time or effort dealing with such trivial people as yourself s! So post away with your lies and hate!That's what you wanted to do before. But since you could not.You decided the next best thing was to pick on a poor innocent girl that was brand new to the Music Shake community.If I was your mother I would be ashamed and if I was your father I would have tanned your asses till they were bleeding.Just for acting that way towards a female.I guess that is the kind of honor,integrity and chivalry we can expect from generation jack ass!Real tough are you not when ganging up on a girl! God help us if this has been a example of the future men of this country.Good luck Flickermouse though I doubt you will need it you appear to be the type of person that makes her own luck!Talk to you when I get back to the states.

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