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Hiphop, Rock/Metal, R&B, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Pop, Ballad, Jazz, Latin, Classical/New Age, Soul/Funk/Groove

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After about three years or so, I have finally returned. I guess I'll start using this again.

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Sorry the past three weeks I was out of town for school work related things. But now I am not back. Although not all the time until I fix some capacitors and the fan.

About me:
I don't think it's of relevance, but, I received the nick name "Zed" since I'm always last but unique. (Zed apparently meaning the letter Z).
I enjoy ALL types of music, and respect each and every musician. I'm just some guy trying to live my life making music, playing, even teaching.
Hmm, I dunno, maybe a hint I suppose: where I'm from, I'm a year away from adulthood.
Another hint for my age: I need one more year to enter optional higher education.

We're all here to enjoy music to its fullest. Music is what makes us do things, it's what inspires us, what inspires me. Music to me, is a form of someones dreams in hopes to tell what they feel, what they think, in a way that can only be depicted by it's chords, lyrics, it's notes. It's crafted late at night, or early dawn, molded by our inner thoughts, to share with the world. Music is my life.

I created this years ago and I'm bringing it back to life with my music. If you haven't checked it out, here are two albums I put out years ago!

A Walk in the Park EP:
1- A Walk in the Park
2-Just a Touch
3- Just a little Fuzzy
4-Still Standing Strong
5-Forgotten Memory

Flowing Dreams
1- A Phoenix in the Sky
2- A New Journey
3- Flowing Dreams
4- A Wish
5- Far Away

1- Kimagure ni Shiyou
2- Rising
3- Failing Fate
4- Someday
5- Spring is Near
6- Ordinary People
7- Onward

Still Feels the Same
1- Foggy Mornings
2- Lonely Nights
3- Lock with No Key
4- Just A Crush
5- Old Memories
6- Wolf Eyes
7- Rain
[BONUS] 8- Wonder [Remix]

Beyond The Stratosphere
1- Intro
2- Drowning Streets
3- Running
4- Numb Love
5- In The Clouds
6- Morning Sun
7- Mirror

Here's to nothing.

- Zed

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