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This song is dedicated to Matilda the Duck. This morning for some reason, I felt compelled to go for a morning walk. I know now why I went for that walk. As I was walking I saw her lifeless body laying on the ground and I said, Oh this is just wrong. A beautiful young female Mallard duck that had apparently flown into the high powered lines during the night next to walkway I was on. Luckily, there were some planted small trees nearby with their bases covered in mulch, and I took Matilda over there and dug a hole in the mulch at the base of one of the trees and buried her there. Being an animal lover, I simply just couldn't let her go out that way. You may laugh at me and that's ok too. But I have been doing this a long time and I think anyone and any animal should have a somewhat decent burial. I think in my heart that it was more than coincidence that I went for that walk. God Bless Matilda as she goes up to the big lake in the sky.

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