Their Smile Is Still Around created by Symphonix 10 years ago

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Hallo, ChaoticCandy here. So this song is kind of...different, yes? Well for those of you who are a bit confused over the intro and/or the overall theme/moral of the song, let me explain. The beginning is kind of sad, but that's because I'm trying to put in a good message about lost ones...or at least make it about my brother. He died when he was two years old, so I know what its like to lose someone close, but I learned over time that a better way to look at it, is to not only remember their happiest moments, but to acknowledge the fact that they will never be forgotten, their smiles are still alive, and they will always always always be there watching over you. I know its a hard topic to talk about, so I don't want to get anyone offended. As you listen to the song, you'll notice that it gets...happier. That's because I was trying to put in the whole acknowledging that they'll always be there smiling at you, even after you grow old and saggy. Ironically enough, I received a comment on one of my songs from a friend TechnoCat137 about the loss of someone dear to him. So, consider this a dedication to you buddy(and my reply xD sorry for the long wait). And to everyone else, please take this advice in. You don't have to, in no way am I trying to force my beliefs onto any of you, but please do understand what I am trying to get across to the many people here on MusicShake. And as always, Advice/Feedback is greatly appreciated! :D

PS: I actually wasn't going to finish this song. I was worried that some of you might take it offensively, so I took out the whole intro and switched it up a bit. But then Silly(DJSilver) spazzed on me and was like NUH. Sooo if you like the song, thank Silver. xD

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