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Ok, I'll be honest, I had this song ready a LONG, LOOONG time ago.
Don't kill me, it's not my fault, my laziness is the culprit, not me. [?]

The great poet, Shana, is going to tell you one of her best quotes ever:

"Kazumi, teach me how to make babies."

--Dear shakers that watch Anime--
I'd like to ask you, Should I made a song for Danganronpa? I've watched this Anime and I liked it, but I'm not really sure. Also, I'm thinking about making a song for Deadman Wonderland. But I'd like to make also a song for Sword Art Online (I'm already finishing it.) Help me D: I can't decide ;_;

Phew, I hope you enjoy it, if you did, please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, COMMENT,RATE AND FAVE!
I hate it when people say: "Woah, good job. I really love it, this and this sounded well, but those things there were amazing" and then don't fave or rate, it's unfair.

So... keep shaking c:

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