KNIGHTS of HONOR created by oeroe2911 8 years ago

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Genre: Ballad Mood: Warm/Comforting Theme: Thanksgiving

This Song is a remix from OEROE's Tune and a special Christmas Dedication to all the Brave Shakers, who supported me in my effort to take down the negative influence from the shaker with a new account with the name Satan! I have respect for them because they were not afraid to speak their mind about this negative input on Musicshake! it was a bit of a disspointment to see a large group of shakers staying ignorant about this real thread for a nice and peaceful comunity like we have on MS at the moment! If we want a better , peaceful new world with truth, than we got to support this on all levels! But I have respect for " these warriors of the light" Thanks, you are the Knights of HonoR ! Merry Christmas!

Remixed from OEROE 'S TUNE by oeroe2911
Genre: Ballad Mood: Light/Bright Theme: Other
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Dec 24 2012
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