Favorite genre

Rock/Metal, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno

Favorite artists

Crush 40 and Sonic game composers from around 1991-2009. -Taku Iwasaki (I really love his work on Kuroshitsuji and Noragami) -Jun Maeda, Shinji Orito, and Magome Togoshi (Clannad) -Yugo Kanno (Psycho Pass) -YĆ«ki Hayashi (Diabolik Lovers)

About me

Beginning anime fan, quickly developing into a weeaboo flower.

Fave songs from here: When it Dies Inside ~ Shadow Tribute By Djfreestyle Fruity Hour By Blackats techno8 new beginning3 By brandonj1914 techno9 new beginning4 By brandonj1914 Pride of The Pheasant By PhoenixT3 Space Shake 2012 By CreoleGold Red Wind Rider By PhoenixT3 Through The Landscape By CreoleGold RnB Blue Sky By CreoleGold a DARK HALLOWEEN misunderstandings by oeroe Sunset Time by CreoleGold Bright Stars by CreoleGold Breakdown by CreoleGold Request Jazz by CreoleGold Brighter Tales by oeroe2911 A Kreation Of Love by Bantha2 Midnight Whispers by Lyadra Energy: Pulse [OST] v1.0 by JSAW DangerouS TerritorY by oeroe2911 JusT BeaT iT (DarK Tales AngaX VersioN) by oeroe2911 Vacation in Cuba by thekoolgirl Tears In Heaven by Lyadra Our Last Goodbye by Lyadra KooLY GirLYs AdvenTureS by oeroe2911 E.T. TriBe NeW WorLD VisioN by oeroe2911 Bem Vindo Ao Fim by DeNiroBR KNIGHTS of HONOR by oeroe2911 Living Doll by Lyadra STORY OF A GIRL NAMED ELLIS DEE by davidk the HEAT is ON! by oeroe2911 MiSTy MoRNING by oeroe2911 Side Lines by goucheaar concerto for love by luana01 FATAL ATTracTION by oeroe2911 Exabyte by goucheaar Untitled (PREVIEW) by JSAW Yah Yah by Tiro CygNuS X 1 by oeroe2911 Forte/Strong by goucheaar H0LY SLEEP MEL0DY by oeroe2911 TAKE YOUR MEDICINE..MAN! by oeroe2911 Augmenter by goucheaar Save Me by duckygirlxyz Life Of Pi by Gr8peAp3 La Vie Est Belle by Gr8peAp3 lose your self by mirahmad Being alone Isn't always bad by T5hammer SPRiNG ARRiVAL by oeroe2911 The Three M's by Angax100 Drop the beat it's part 3 by EpicELD The Doll by Gr8peAp3 deathtrap !! by oeroe2911 the BBB S0NG (Blanktown Birthday Blast) by oeroe2911 a Moment of Beauty by oeroe2911 the NEW S.0.M. GH0ST PARTY !! by oeroe2911 TurnTables in Space by oeroe2911 Darkness and Mystery by CodeCookie Decisions by HEBS

>.> WOW!!!!! I HAVE A LOT OF REQUESTS! I HOPE I CAN LISTEN TO ALL OF THEM! Ah well, it just proves that I'm gettin' more on the popular page here...BE SURE TO FAN ME PLZ! THANK YOU!!!!! ^.^

My pic of today (or atleast right now) by an amazing girl and/or boy who can really draw! It came from deviantart. look her/him up! The name is JessiBeans. :D Full pic here:

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