Favorite genre

R&B, Pop, Ballad, Jazz, Latin

Favorite artists

ABBA :3 hope you know :D

About me

☻call me Zumalon,i'm boy,I'm 15 years old and is a high school student,I rarely introduce myself, I'm a quiet person and do not communicate much. One day just like my boring day, I've found Musichake and began to create my own songs and he helped me so happy, makes life less boring

☻I'm a quiet person and do not communicate much. hmm....nothing :) and I'm not interesting :) I don't have many friends. I like comic books,listening to music :D everything will be fine if there is no love huh? :))

☻I love you and how you coordinate the instruments :D , they are so great :3 , I hope that will get more comment from you ♥

☻I created the music that the songs bring soothing tone, soothe your soul, sometimes playful little one that you have both the positive and makes you sound sad sympathy, I created the song because of you, listen and enjoy :D ♥

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