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My live performance in home-studio. Just a preview...My voice got rusty...long time no singing...but you'll get the idea...tell mi what you think about... The lyric I use in this song belong to Andrey Makarevitch, lider of Russian rock group "Mashina Vremeny" ( Time Machine ) in song "Song About The Captain" in early 70th. Music I have created on GarageBand software. Music is mine, not what that group used in that song. I thinking about to translate this song to English, but it's not that easy, that the full lyric in Russian for now :D********************************************************************* Случилось так, что небо было сине и бездонно,
И легкий ветер по морю, гнал мелкую волну,
И был корабль полон, и друзьями, и знакомыми,
И путь держал в далекую страну.

И капитан был опытный. Он все моря проплавал,
Он силы был недюжинной - дубы валил плечом.
И нам казалось: много нас. Мы сильные, мы храбрые,
И никакие бури нипочем...

Но что для моря наш корабль - скорлупка несерьезная.
И вот однажды вечером попали мы в туман.
Средь неба грянул гром, собрались тучи грозные,
Пронесся средней силы ураган...

И вот, что удивительно. Все сильные и храбрые,
И все, кому мы верили, воскликнули: "Тону!"
Мы ждали от них помощи, они же нас оставили,
И первыми отправились ко дну...

А нас носило по морю, надежды наши таяли.
И только по случайности, нас приняла земля.
И те из нас, кто выжили. По разным обстоятельствам,
Забыли капитана корабля..*****************************************Translation by Google, it's really rude translation, If someone can help me with this translation, I can sing this song in English ;D************************** It happened once upon a time that the sky was blue and bottomless, And a light wind on the sea, drove the small waves. And the ship was full of friends and acquaintances. And the ship held a trip in a distant country... And the captain was experienced. He sailed all the seas, He had uncommon strength - he can tumble down the oak tree by his shoulder. And we thought: It's a lot of us, we are strong, we are brave, And no storms can't scare us ... But what is our ship for the sea? - cockleboat frivolous. And then one night we were in a fog, there was a the thunder in the sky, the clouds gather ominous, Medium-strength hurricane swept ... And that is amazing. All strong and brave, And all who were trusted, exclaimed: "drowning" We expected for help from them, but they left us, and they first went to the bottom ... And the sea wore us, Our hopes dwindling. And finally we find the land , It was only by chance, . And those of us who survived, for various reasons, has forgotten ship's captain

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