Eternal Life created by Thienien 7 years ago

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Thienien's Trance hits #1: Eternal Life

Dedicated to NyxKellner, Jaydee123, Karma5, KentaKusanagi, Sorena2009, Chronos, and last but not least 89Ford my Closest Friends here on MusicShake. Enjoy this Holy Trance Song.

This is a song from my personal journey within myself, i find i need to be meek, humble and pure to everyone in order to survive God's Trials. If i am rash, angry, and hateful to everything and everyone, where will i go?

I struggle to control my sinful nature; sometimes it's just too complicated but this song will now be a temporary antidote to the poison afflicted upon us by Satan the fallen angel.

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Feb 13 2012
Feb 20 2012
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