Favorite genre

Rock/Metal, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Ballad, Classical/New Age

Favorite artists

Three Days Grace,Skillet,Smiley,Me,Pitbull,Guns n Roses,Metalica,Skrillex.

About me

Hi! My name is Cristian,and I come from Romania.

Know that pride when you create the first song...

You know you want to impress the world for popularity...Eh! I am not like these peoples.I'm myself.You're yourself.

We are all united to ''shake'' the corrupted people with our songs.
My goal is to impress you.

On a day I heard that the people who writes with left are very creative(I'm one of them).I was very curious so I tried to Paint in reality same as on computer and I really did something that impresioned some people(my family,the school and the visitors).
Another day I was so bored on internet so I reminded that I'm creative and I searched games where you can create Cartoons,games,sites and I reached at the making songs on this site.
I'm really happy to be here surounded by friends who admires your work and to admire the song of the legendary artists and in a day i'll by someone,someone admired.

What I want is to become a DJ not only for spinning and scratching,for entertaiment.Once day I'll be a DJ and no one can stop me. >:P

I have unforgetable stories that changed my life partialy but I'm really trying do not remind this things making music.

I was chosen one of the greatest DeeJays from my country and I'll miss a time because I'll be at a contest...
I'll win the prize and I'll be back home because they didn't listened my songs...
Maybe you didn't listened them so I'll make some special links:
-Null Universe----- -----Null Universe-
-Ethernal Brothers----- -----Ethernal Brothers-
-FBBS----- -----FBBS-
-The journey of an angel----- -----The journey of an
-Oeroe clashes with DJhouse----- -----Oeroe clashes with DJhouse-(the grandious final)

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