A Whole Year created by JBDBIB 7 years ago

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This was going to be the song I posted on October 2nd, but never got the chance to. Here is the original description I wrote and saved on a text document:

"This is an amazing thing to think about. I still remember when I first encountered the website and found it slightly cringe-worthy (especially with the currency thing). So I went on and looked at other sites to allow me to make music online.

Something, however, brought me back to this site. And so I came and tried it out. I didn't know what I was doing, but I pieced together my track, 'Morning Delight', which was received well!

This is when I knew I had struck onto something that was great. I knew there wouldn't be another website quite like this. So since then, I've tried to embrace it. Thank you guys so much for a whole year! This means so much to me."

And to many more...

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