Rise & Shine! created by JBDBIB 7 months ago

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Genre: Latin Mood: Light/Bright Theme: Animation
[Real] Intense Heartbeat
[Real] Ridiculous Scene
[Simple Short Tone] Contrabass
[Melody] Lonely Concert Piano
[Slow Rhythm] Lyrical Nylon Guitar
[Melody] Dreary Soft Sign Lead
[Melody] Lazy Soft Lead
[Chord Voicing] Liberal Piano
[Slow Rhythm] Desolate Tremolo E.P
[Arpeggio] Neat Harpsicord
[Arpeggiator] Crazy Low Synth
[Counter Melody] Fascinated Violin
[Melody] Uneasy Square Lead
[Fast Rhythm] Groovy Jazz Guitar
[Counter Melody] Appealing Lead
[Complicated] Deep Moog Bass 3

It's almost been a whole year since I published my first song, "Morning Delight", to Musicshake.

That's crazy (though it's even more insane to think how long other people have been on here...)! To celebrate, I'm planning on uploading a song everyday until the second of October, the date on which I uploaded my first song.

This happens to be the first song I have ready! Tell me what you think, and I'll be uploading more tomorrow (or later today; I never said I couldn't upload more than once a day).

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