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Hello there! Lantern here! Once again, I am posting another song as always! Anyway, we are all very familiar with Bullies. Maybe even we have one for our own. I always think everyday; "Someone is being bullied." And it sorta hurts inside to know, someone, right now at this moment, are being Abused, Neglected, and Bullied. Some may have lost their lives because of it... So, I want to spread the word to you shakers here! Since there are PLENTY of you all, I would like you if you have the time, to share this song, and this Poem around if you want to help STOP bullies around the world! And maybe even brighten a day up here for someone on MS!


Words Hurt.

You should know, Bullying hurts.
It starts with one word, one you blurt,
Fat, Ugly, Worthless,
These are the words they hear,
Did you know, you're their biggest fear?

Day by day, You torment them.
It takes so long for their hearts to mend.
All they ask for is one true friend.
Then you make their lives want to end.
Everyday they wake up with regret,
All they want to do is forget.

It's not just hitting and punching,
It's the words you say.
It hurts so much,
They won't fade away.

This is when enough is enough.
Their sick of playing strong, sick of playing tough.
But they know they can make it through,
You may have not known, but they always knew.
They put on a fake smile and pretend their okay.

They believe they can make it all the way.
Of course your words still offend,
But they have been pieced back together again.

Someone leaves the crowd,
and lends them a hand.
They learn that it's time to stand,
Their smile is no longer fake,
Now they have no reason to ache.

You see, all they ever needed was a friend,
Someone to stick up to when the bullying came again.
Now they are free,
The insults barely sting, don't you see?

The bully is never wanted, unless wanted to leave.
The one you bullied no longer has reasons for long sleeves,
You're work here is done, not that is should have started,
Now who's the one who feels brokenhearted?
Bullying gave you power, which they refused to give,
You can't hep but wonder, "What if?"
What if they didn't get so strong?
What if they crumbled all along?
What you don't think of, is what could have been,
What if they pulled the razor to their skin?
What if you pushed it too far,
When they finally had their rope around their collar?
What if they wrote down all the secrets they had to spill?
Right before they took an overdose on pills?
You don't know what you could have done.
What if you were doing it all or fun?

You think their losers, but their stronger than you.
Have you seen what they been through?
With your words, you gave a black eye.
They are leaving, bully, so say your goodbyes.
But one more thing before you go,
Did you enjoy this little show?
Remember, words hurt more than a punch.
Believe me now, big bad one?

This is very important! Please note that this is to help prevent bullying to become any crueler! I hope you enjoyed this song, and this poem! Can't wait to see you get this rollin'! :D

Keep Rockin' It, Shiners!


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