Shouldn't Be Alone On Christmas created by LanternLight 9 years ago

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Genre: Classical/New Age Mood: Love/Romantic Theme: Christmas

Knocking, a young boy stood in front of a small house door. Holding a small gift. The Snow slowly begin to fall behind him. He sighed, his eyes closed.

"This girl.. I've would have never guessed. She spends every Christmas in the Church, giving all the kids a present they couldn't have.. We would never see her again after that by night fall.."

The young boy lifted his head to the door.

"To know.. That all her life, she spends Christmas night alone.. In her own home. She was always so happy... We all could have never guessed that someone like her.."

He stared at her door, a blank expression upon his face.

"Could be so lonely..? More or less, on Christmas.."

He closed his eyes, beginning to think about the Past Christmas's with her, only getting to see her for an hour. Her beautiful smiley face would always glow as she gave the children their gifts with full real Love.

"Every time I would see her.. My heart and Soul felt so alive.. She expressed the true meaning of Christmas... She was the perfect example." He placed his hand on his chest, taking a small breath.

The boy noticed the doorknob move, and so stood the girl, looking up to him, her eyes sightly wet. She was in some pink PJ's, her hair in a ponytail.

His expression was warming, and lovable.

"Violet.." He says, in the softest of tone, his eyes widened.

She blinked, wiping her eye. "H-Huh..?" Her voice was quiet and muttered.

"You were crying..." He steps forward, placing his hand upon her cheek, using his thumb to wipe her eyes.

"I-I, well, you see, I was just-" She was then stopped by his finger gently pressed on her lips to shush her.

"Violet..." He leaned over giving her a hug, the present had dropped, and left on the ground, opened, as a Mistletoe, lying there under their feet.

Her eyes slowly widened, as she began to softly tear up, and wrapping her arms around him, returning the heartfelt hug.

The boy spoke softly, holding her as tight as he could, not even beginning to think about letting her go.

"You.. Y-You shouldn't be alone on Christmas.."

She smiled warmly, as her tears ran down her cheek.


Was the story alright? I tried getting it to match the description, so I hope you got the story line! This was to help encourage those who feel lonely on Christmas! You will always have someone there for you. I hope you enjoy the rest of the song!

I Hope You Have A Merry Christmas this Year! :D


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