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Hello, I'm back~ ^^ I know I haven't been gone long but you know how summer is. Get caught all up in it all. Anyways, I had this stored and worked on it a little here and there when I got the chance. I was going to add more but I got a little lazy so my apologies for that. Anyways, here's what I'm saying for this:
I know all of you must be familiar with the feeling of Regret in your life, right? You've done something you wish you shouldn't have, or that you should have? You just wish there was a rewind button for everything in the past? We all do. Each and every one of us. And of course, we all know we can't change the past. There's no way we can. It's already noted on the paper lines of your life actions. But, here's a thing to think about; "If it wasn't for the things you did in the past, you wouldn't be here today knowing what you know now.". We've all made mistakes..But without them we would have no knowledge. We wouldn't have heart, we wouldn't understand. The world would be in complete chaos. Well, don't even think about it. It's in the past. Be happy for where you are or where you'll be in life..Because you now know not to do, or to do and maybe even what to do later in life. Update yourself. You need to be brand new. And to do that means to learn from the mistakes you've made in the past. Now, don't take them to heart, take them to mind and remember what not to do. Ask God, your Father to help you not to make them mistakes again. Ask him to be with you in them days you wish you shouldn't have done what you did. Ask him to guide you through your days of Regret and show you the path to the right direction next time. And, I'm also here for you. I will also help you through your times. But, just remember, it's not me, it's God. Learn from your mistakes. Take them to mind and not to your heart. Enjoy this piece!

Keep Rockin' It, Shiners!

~ LanternLight

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