~Spirits In The Woods~ created by LanternLight 9 years ago

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Genre: Electronic/Techno Mood: Dark/Heavy Theme: Halloween

Do you believe in Ghosts?
Have you ever sat thought; "Where do we go, when we die?"
Here's three good answers.
Heaven, Hell, or the lost spiritual world?
Heaven is a place where people go, if they keep God in their hearts. And just Believe in Him.
Hell, is a place where people go when they don't want to believe in God. They continue their Sins, and want to live with their Sins.
The Spiritual World is here on earth. Most of others can't see it. But if you want to, they will show themselves. If you don't want to believe in Heaven, NOR Hell.. You will surely get trapped on this earth. Repeating to roam, and become cold inside.. Now, the spirits don't harm you, unless you give them the power to. They will just continue to try and scare you. The more your afraid, the more power they gain.

Now, let me ask you one more time...

Do YOU believe in Ghosts?

I hope you enjoy this track! xD

Keep Rockin' It, Shiners!


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