Shiawase ~ (Happiness) created by LanternLight 9 years ago

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Genre: Dance/Disco Mood: Light/Bright Theme: Get Well

Yeah, another one about happiness! I've noticed so much of you are depressed, lonely or let down on things. Though, I believe there is no real reason to be upset... With anything. A Loved one dies, be happy. Lose your Job, be happy. A Break-up, be happy. And, ect ect. Honestly, you should be happy! SHow people you are strong! Show them you were ready for this! Let them know exactly what to do when they're even sad!

"Wipe the tears from your face, let all know that you're strong. You are doing it right."

Lead yourself into the path of happiness! No, not rainbows, meadows or Unicorns! But the Spirit! Let the Spirit show in you! Happiness is the key to a good life! Keep your chin up, look around! Raise your hands in the sky, show your joy! You will make it! Smile! Smile at your Haters. Smile at your Lovers! Smile at the World! For there is better to come.

I hope you enjoy! And YOU have a blessed day!


Keep Rockin' It, Shiners!

~ LanternLight

Genre: Rock/Metal Mood: Etc Theme: Remix
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Dec 02 2013