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*sounds best with headphones and the volume turned up uber-loudly*

My first long-term-project-thing!

Actually, more like I wasn't sure what to do with certain sections and just let it sit for weeks at a It's been almost half a year of messing with it every now and then, and now it's finally done!

This song, like most songs, has a story behind it, but it's more fun when people interpret these things themselves, kinda like a choose-your-own-adventure book. Or something. Anyways, this is how I see it:

0:00-1:09 Building up to something epic, then said epic thing happening. (If this were a movie, I'd say the main character--let's call him Vitacca--is being introduced in some epic way.)

1:10-2:44 Abruptly changing to the main "theme," then building up to...something epic? (Vitacca goes to war! Against the whole world!)

2:45-3:53 Abrupt change signifying an epically epic moment. (Vitacca suddenly gets thrown off his horse and is flying slow-mo in mid-air! While having flashbacks to his childhood, of course.)

3:54-5:01 The ending is near. Music gets sad because happy endings are boring. (Vitacca wins but discovers that he is the only person left on Earth since he killed everyone else. For some reason this didn't occur to him before.)

5:02-end Epilogue music. (A whole bunch of things happen at the same time. We are left with more questions than answers and feelings of dissatisfaction. Of course, that is to be expected. After all, if they tell us everything, how are they going to make the sequel?)

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