About me

Hello. A friend who stumbled on this site told me about and I love music so I thought hey why not?

A little trivia! I own a husky and her name is Diamond, hence my MS name. I play violin (still learning), clarinet, limited piano, and have a basic understanding of music theory. I love to bake and cook, especially chocolate, and I have started dabbling in candy making so far it is mostly mess making though. I will be learning how to cook, and working towards becoming a red seal chef in the CAF, wish me luck. I don't have any favorite music genres or artists because I simply like songs for the songs' sake, there is no need to not listen to a song you may like just because you don't like the artist, and there is no reason to listen to songs you don't like because your favorite artist did it. Love the music for the music.

Points to keep in mind: If you don't have something nice/constructive to say don't say anything. If you have something, anything, against the militaries of the world enjoy your opinion to yourself, I am not here to be vented at and I am a proud member of a military that helps protect the right for people to have their own opinion. I have my own opinions on politics, people and the military, I will not be sharing them. Thank you for your understanding of these points.

Have a great day!!

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