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This piece is about Finding Your Happiness in life. Throughout all the bad things going on in Your Life. Like, being Bullied in School or, your job not working it's right ways or maybe Family Problems. All that can be changed. With a Smile on your face, and feeling loads of happiness. Of course you may not think your life couldn't get happy, or it may be impossible to change the way your life had made it's traces. But, it can all be changed. It will all be changed. Just Smile. Smile and Smile at all the terrible things going on in your life. Just, act like none of that bothers you. Even though you are hurting inside, you can do this. Just, Smile. I know it sounds Insane, but you can do it. Or go into a quiet room, Meditate on the things that make you happy. And, better yet, stop thinking about the bad things in your life. It will only cause more stress for you. Believe me, just think of the things you want. And want to happen in your Life. The more you think about your desires, the more they will come. And, the bad part about this, is even bad desires will do it's part if all you think about is the messed up things in your life. It will only get worse. Think happy. Think about what your life can be. And, other things, Pray if you want too. Talk to Jesus Christ about it. If you don't believe in Him, don't worry, you'll find him someday. But also, just be happy. And try to avoid those thoughts in your mind about all the bad in your life. Smile. Smile at everything. It'll get better. I promise you.

Keep Rockin' It, Shiners!

~ LanternLight

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May 13 2013
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