Ethereal Trance created by Thienien 8 years ago

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Thienien's Trance Hits #3: Ethereal Trance

This isn't a bash on Other "Trance Artists" out there but, Those of you out there who call yourselves "Kings Of Trance" Here on musicshake; Most of your music sounds nothing like trance at all. This is actual Trance. Not Techno. TRANCE. Techno and Trance are NOT THE SAME

You know who you are, Trance music is not made on 90 BPM. A lot you guys have the nerve to call your music trance when it sounds like a Lame Techno, RnB or pop song.

No, This song here is Trance. So Far i have 2 Trance songs on this Website That sound like REAL TRANCE.

Eternal Life:

And the one here called Ethereal Trance

So please don't delude yourselves into thinking you're kings Of Trance or Techno when you can BARELY make the sound.

Enjoy the song it's pretty relaxing. Subtle and smooth melodies and bass are highly noticeable in this song.

This is your typical layout of trance.

Intro> Hook Intro > Melody and Body> Chorus> Mini Melody and Body> Chorus> Climax

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