Angel Sanctuary Super Pulse created by Thienien 8 years ago

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Genre: Electronic/Techno Mood: Happy/Excited Theme: Other

A Sanctuary of The Happiest and Purest of Souls. God goes even higher than this could you imagine?


This is one song you heard in here:!/song?sn=102251

Again, Darkwave is NOT the only music i excel in lol. This is truly inspirational to me. The Brightest song on musicshake and a song that should bring that love and happiness to your ears for the next 16 minutes

This song brings a big smile to my face. I honestly don't know what drove me to make such an optimistic song cause when i attempt to make a song to relieve me of pain i can never do it. I can tell God or something holy had me under a spell when i first thought of this.

There was no way i could have done this without some divine influence i assure you, this was impossible by me alone.

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