In a Trance created by stEAmpowered 11 years ago

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Genre: Electronic/Techno Mood: Cool/Refreshing Theme: Other

Once again I tried (with music) to express what I feel and think when my mind just wanders off. To make this song, of course, zoning out was a given. I tried to remember what it felt like, and what I think it feels like to me is one of those "unearthly" experiances when you fly around and see things with your body left behind. Basically, a sleepy sort of flying. So, I tried to make it soft(ish) and also a bit repetitive so you can daze off without those "snapping-back" moments. This time I used synth pad variations as strings, so what you hear as violins or violas in the background are actually synths (except for the pizzicatto).

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