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Rock/Metal, Jazz, Classical/New Age

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Hello there!

Love rock/metal, classical music, new age, some world music (combine some unusual elements into rock & classical music, especially [inverted elements of] chord progressions, but also instruments, ...), ... having said that, the world is ready for some type of completely different music, long, long due! I think it won't happen until at least some new type of instrument invention, for a complete novel sound:) - I believe it will happen one day, -only a matter of technology.

Until then, we play the old, twist it into some different combination. -Just playin' ...

I'm just here playing, not taking it too seriously. - Give me a new sound vibration, processed via a new type of instrument, now we're talking. It's like, OK, give me a car that can fly, climb, dive, float, ... drivin' ain't so cool anymore, even if the frame of a brand new car is a Phantom. - There comes a time we need to move on!

Ahh, would be nice if musicshake would come up with more instruments, cause after a while everything starts sounding the same - hint-hint!

The guitars need new riffs! -Ha! And new drums, please! - Possibly w/ability to make your own beat?

Oh. and please, please, can we place instruments OFFSET? - Meaning, add an instrument anywhere in the track, at any given beat in that SAME track? - Cause that makes a track (and thus a song) a lot more interesting! Right now we have to duck out 8 measures until a new instrument can be added,which makes it boring.

Hm. And add special effects, so any instrument's already given sound can be made to sound differently, so as to avoid every song sounding about the same - dang!

Also, I tried adding my own vocal, processed it in sound mixer, saved it, but when I tried to add it to my song, it wouldn't take it - the vocal track showed up as a silent track on my song! - Whaaaat? And when plugging in a mic to add voice, all the background noise comes with it, messing up the song! -

Hey. Musicshake is still a great application. But if it could only start updating, it would really rock!!!

Until then, just playin'. And waitin'.


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