Favorite genre

Rock/Metal, Dance/Disco, Electronic/Techno, Pop

Favorite artists

Marina & the Diamonds, Tracy Chapman, Macy Gray, Lily Allen, Melanie Martinez, Liz Phair, Chumbawamba, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Ian Pooley, Telepopmusik, Air, Grimes, Lesley Gore, Dusty Springfield, Toni Basil, Esthero. My absolute favorite artists are The Pet S

About me

I've been using Musicshake for about 3 years and have 3 "albums" and 2 EP's to show for it:

"The Space Case Listening Experience"
1. Calling You (Single 3)
2. Electro Ballet
3. Bass4 (I've un-posted this one because it was super-similar to "Happy Dog Song")
4. Ambulance11
5. Heroics (Anotherone Remix)
6. Happy Dog Song
7. Defibrillator (HeartDisco) (Single 1)

"The Tree EP"
1. Christmas Presence
2. Snowflakes (Single)
3. Christmas Dog Song
4. Wrapitup!

"Extra Ordinary"
1. Coffee (Intro)
2. I Will Be Your Spy (Single 2)
3. Ballad of a Ballad
4. ElectriCity
5. Slave (Interlude)
6. Mars Song
7. I Wanna Man
8. Cocktails
9. Break (Interlude)
10. French Heir (Single 1)
11. Land of the Song
12. Tangerine Hypnosis
13. I Don't Sing, But I Do Dance
14. Off (Interlude)
15. Flakes' Song
16. Sleep...
17. Bride to Be (Anotherone Remix) (Single 3)
18. Stars (Outro)

1. Weekend Party Intro
2. B With U
3. Cowboy
4. Dance to My Own Beat
5. (A Drug Called) Love
6. Heart
7. You Are the One (The Rain)
8. Flavourful Life
9. Dancing In the Sunlight
10. Vase
11. Tropical Exile
12. Under Attack (Space Invasion)
13. Believe You
14. Song For a Hero
15. Supercoolvenusflytrap
16. Fashionista Files
17. I’ve been Waiting Outro

"Leftovers" EP
1. Song For Harambe
2. Summer Night (for RosyPony's tournament)
3. Running Through the Woods
4. Could've Sworn (for RosyPony's tournament)

I've started using Soundation, a musicmaking site similar to Musicshake, so I won't be on here as much, but I'll still try to make a song on here every so often. Here's a link to my profile on Soundation:

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