Li'lilo City. created by Trinityblade 12 years ago

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Once arriving at Li'Lilo City. It is obvious that these people are under some spell, that or they are hooked on peace and love.

While asking around they noticed people are wary of them, even though they hide it well. It is obvious that these happy-peace-free people are hiding something, so Africa, Fantasy and Alexzander decide to split up and search for information.

And once they split up and start looking, Fantasy comes across a crystal shop, filled with beautiful colored crystals, gems, rings everything. And she spots it, a simple circle crystal with a unique symbol on it, one that Fantasy thinks she remembers, but she has never seen this before!.

The store keeper says, she looks familiar to him, and says she should take it. Curious that Fantasy is she asks him what does he mean. The old store keeper just smiled and handed her the pendant and went away behind the shop...

Fantasy thinks it's about time to head back and find the group and so she does.

Alexzander, decides to sneak behind the guard tower behind the main city entrance.. And he finds something very very, strange in a obvious trash heap, a letter addressing the leader of Li'lilo City.
Stating the fact that, they are under the eyes of the Guardian and if they dare cross the line that they shall suffer a wrath so painful it'll make the Gods wheep. Reading this letter Alexzander knows that he must find Africa and Fantasy!.

Africa was just wondering the street when she found something... Something so terrible, that she almost screamed out loud.
It was a cat, a cat with 1 ear, and golden eyes. But the most terrible thing was, he was dead but alive. This poor thing had obviously been through heck. Africa decides to take this poor wee guy to the tree that she sees in the distance.

But as she goes to pick it up, in overwhelming need to run swept through her body. And as she looked up in the sky she saw him...


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