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As Fantasy, Alexzander and Africa leave Li'lilo City. They are told that the pathway to Alnorian is out, some mysterious flood had, destroyed the bridge and several homes, and that they must detour away. However the way they must take is dangerous, and full of secrets, and unknown fey creatures. Miracle's Forest, is rumored too of been named after, an Angel whom protected the World from a devastating,brutal and cruel attack from the Evil Forces of something incredibly dark. But this rumor is thousand's of hundred's years old, and no one would dare believe in them.

However for Africa this is a different story, her lineage proves that something of this is true. She's always known that she is different.. Why else would her mother of been killed all those years ago, and the moment she died, Africa felt all the life around her cry out in pain. She still has nightmare's of that day.

Same for our knight here Alexzander, his parent's were brutally murdered many a year ago as well, however for him.. The day the news came that they had died in battle together, he was to be made Laird of his parent's manner, a ruler of a small town, too keep the peace. But this was not to be so, fore Alexzander had to defend this peaceful place, from armies that sought to plunder,steal and take over his home.. His life has never been peaceful since his parent's died.

Alas, Fantasy....... Has little to nothing, about this rumored story. Nothing to connect to it so it would be true. For she has little memory, fore it has been lost for a long time.

....... But perhaps..... This forest of Miracle's.......... Could change that.
But does she really want to know her past? To know what she has done, or has not.

...However...... She may not have a choice....

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