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I just got a little sad message, from my very nice friend from Michican U.S.A., Tyler Dijkstra AKA "Blanktown" ! And it seems good old OEROE missed out on his 1 year Anniversary, some time ago1 And this almost made him cry! And we would not have that guy's! LOL So "Blank" my friend, I'm really sorry for my "stupidity"LOL And I hope you will once forgive your Dutch Friend OeRoEbOeRoE !! HAHA! BUT I made a remix of your very first song , "Starry Night" !! And I REALLY hope it will put a BIG SMILE on your face AGAIN!! And the same counts 4 U ALL !! And the last thing I want to say 2 U, about the MS decision to take away the abbility to create our pictures, is LIFE GOES ON!! So let's make some bloody noise my friends!!!
OEROE! And thank you all 4 being fan of my music!

~~~dedicated to Tyler AKA Blanktown~~~~~~}}}}}}

Remixed from Starry Night by blanktown48
Genre: Electronic/Techno Mood: Light/Bright Theme: Other
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