Oneiric Truth created by Flamoran 11 years ago

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Kei woke up. He stared out the window next to him, speechless. He pondered on the fact that everything that happened was a dream. He could've sworn everything happened. The last thing he remembered was being crushed... by a ******. The ****** had surely crushed him. Kei stared out at the moon, covered in cold sweat and eyes full of tears. And in that moment he looked around. Where in the heck was he. That he did not know. But the fact still remains. What happened, and was it real...


- What just happened... Lol this is how my story went, just not as detailed as the actual paper. I had this story for a while now, but unfortunately, I lost the file, but the story was still inside my head. I didn't know what you call the monster, so I just put a bunch of asterisks. Hope you guys like that plot twist. xD

- I spent at least 2 weeks on this song because I tried so many different combinations. At last I came to a conclusion that this rendition, is fine as is. This is, in fact, a good old fashioned, Drum n' Bass. My first try, so hope you like it.

- This is the last song for my album, Apocalypse.

- Nechromancer.

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