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Hello there!
My name is IceFang and I'm a pretty basic music maker.
I don't really make music often, but when I have free time, I'll start something new.
I have a nice taste for slow and steady electronic and drum & bass music, but I make other kinds too.
As I am a quite new music maker, please give me feedback! I would love to know what people think about my music and how I can improve it. If you give me good feedback, and I think you're a reliable source of music tastes, I might yell out your name in the description of one of my songs!
Like my music? Support me and become a fan today!
Thanks, and have a wonderful rest of your evening.

NEWS AND UPDATES! (yo, check this out)
-My song, "Loving Somebody" (my first song that I made) is now #41 and #34 on the charts!!! (Woop, woop!)
-New song out! "Meanwhile, in Space"
-New song out! "Noone is Alone"
(Last updated; Tuesday, April 15, 2014)


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