Phantom ☪ Bells〔幻象貝爾斯〕 created by DarkStar1O9 10 years ago

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Phantom ☪ Bells (Original Composition)

Here's another composition I recorded last Thursday after going to the theatres to see the latest James Bond movie. The title was also originally inspired by Shakira, another song idea of hers she was planning that I decided to do a piano version of ;P. This theme also gave me some interesting ideas/patterns to use such as variations on the chromatic scale such as around 2:10, the trilling chords or tremolos used in a lot of the melody also reminded me of the piano version of Mei from Beatmania, it was a fun song for me to play.

Definitely a performance to see, I'll be posting the video soon on Youtube and uploaded an early version yesterday morning on Nico Nico Douga, they recently created an English version of the site so it's easy to sign up and browse videos there, also one more track left to finish the album now, enjoy!

Higher Quality/Free Download:

Nico Nico Douga Video Page:

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