Love Letter to an Imaginary Girl created by DarkStar1O9 8 years ago

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A poem:

I stand here from 3 years ago a different man,

Had my former self seen where I was today, he would be in disbelief

I was a college student who played keyboard rhythm games in his spare time

Who believed he could turn that talent into something greater

I met many along this journey, including you

And your love has changed my life forever,

If you are still here, will you share this journey with me?

For I have accomplished many things,

Legendary things,

But there is still much more to be done

That imaginary girl,

Who lives in my heart and dreams,

Whose care I truly appreciate,

And shed light upon a life that was once dim.

Whether I will ever see you or not in person,

Is up to the future,

But oh the memories we will share.


In dedication to those who were there at the beginning, and those who are here for me now (implying females from the title :P)

Recorded For my 2nd piano anniversary since beginning (March 23rd 2011)



Original song by Marasy:

That wasn't the easiest thing to write but I felt like doing it anyways, felt like going with my own lyrics instead of the original song which is what inspired the poem. Hope you all enjoyed the music, this is the 4th Vocaloid piano arrangement.

And of course more to be played and more to come!

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