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Cyber Angel's Medley

Hey guys here's a piano medley I recorded for Valentine's Day, I would've posted earlier but my connection wasn't working that well earlier this month so I haven't been able to post it until now.

It was inspired by a request I received from Minah which after finishing I decided to do an extended medley version of, the first song in the medley is a composition titled "Cyber Angel", that is based in part on the melody from Tales Weaver: Second Run, also some Beatmania influence :P. The other two songs are more video game arrangements/improvisation with music from Nier Gestalt and Kingdom Hearts, the full list of songs are listed below. I also may be doing a bonus animation video of the new composition sometime later on from another recording I finished before the medley, enjoy the listen :)

Songs Involved:

- Cyber Angel (Original composition based from Tales Weaver: Second Run)

- Nier Gestalt and Replicant: The Wretched Automatons (Bb minor)

- Kingdom Hearts: Musique Pour La Trisstesse de Xion in Bb minor

Higher Quality/Free Download:


-Titus (タイタス)

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