Her Afterlife created by Nikowolf 11 years ago

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This song is for my short story. As I was making it, I was imagining battle sequences and more and so as I progressed I wrote the script as well. It is bloody, emotional, and action-y. :D Though you have to read each bit before a new section plays. It is not easy to do so I may just post a video of this song and my script. Which I may actually do just that cause it's 3 pages lol. it's not long and it all fits into the song.

NOTE: I know my song can be repeating and I am sorry for that but as soon as I post my script up some way you'll see why it is. :P

Also I won't allow any remixes just yet for this just because the instruments I used for it are quit complicating with chords in a way. Though I've never remixed before so I'm not sure what the choices all are for it.

Anywho I hope you all enjoy "Her Afterlife" (I meant for this song to be emotional and in a way to bring hope when you know you could possibly fail.)

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