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The Tranquility that lies within those who, feel negativity can no longer phase them. Every now and then you are caught off guard as the best of us are. Negativity will make you frown, fret and thing about past events that will wear on your emotions and uprise the ones associated with Malice and Destruction, but everyday when you find yourself smiling at people randomly while walking in a public area, you know Something Divine is living within you. An angel may be living inside of me because the way i used to be when i was growing up was nothing short of a Demon. I speak gently and politely to everyone, even those who are rash, hateful, disrespectful and who refuse to acknowledge my love for them. It's hard sometimes when i suffer from depression, but in the end i find myself leading people because i have my own image out there and i have a name for myself as people follow my examples (sometimes). I'm glad i was born a leader and this is why i am at peace because feeling like you're chosen with the Golden love feeling you have every time you see a fellow human being is nothing short of An Angel's Presence

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