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---Its contest time, with your hosts Brandon and I!---

Hello Everyone! Brandon (I think) wanted to find some gaming music for his game or anime I think he said. He was telling me earlier that he wanted to have a contest that him and me would judge and possibly use one of your songs!

So here we are and its time for some music making!

Here are the rules:

1.) Do not use recordings from other games (Obvious) this must be totally original by you!

2.)The song must be appealing, as in make it adventurous! Or something that any audiance would love to here! ***NOT*** some 3 instrument song playing completley the same throughout the whole song!

3.) Must be 4-5 minutes long (As brandon said) and the start and end must be in perfect synic so it repeats perfectly.

4.) There Will be a few winners Possibly only 3, you can make as many songs as you want! You might even win all three spots!

Okay guys, the rest is up to you! This can be anything you want! Be creative and be original. It can be an orchestra a techno, industrial, jazzy even a japanese feeling if you want! Think of any games you might have played in the past and do your thang!

Anyways Cya! Due-date is 2 Saturdays From this Saturday..

ONE MORE THING LOL! Post the link to your song on Brandons Page.

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