Echelon (Tri-bute Medley) created by karma5 9 years ago

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"Echelon (Triumviral-Tribute Medley)"

**Please bare with me as I flash back to the days of a charcoal black MusicShake website, very cool blue program track blocks, and the "Myoozik-shek-daht-calm" guy who intro'd every song. But if you like reading while listening to music, you're welcome!...

Feb.1, 2008: Three Shakers were 'the standard' for me when I started 4 years ago, and still are. My goal wasn't to make music like theirs, but was to be as good with my own style as they are/were with their own. It's still a work in progress for me, but for what it's worth, I did have a brief claim to MS fame where I was next to 2 of them on the old Top50 chart...good times Ha!

So, after the looooong process of re-listening, remembering, finding the right instruments, blah-blah, etc., I'm channeling '2008 karma5' in a mash-up medleyish mix with parts and pieces from Musicshake masters Kenta, Mr.Century and weavis (and a bit of lil ol' me) thrown in. Big shoutout to you Three, wherever you happen to be at the moment. I started working on this tribute last summer, but I think it's 4 years overdue...

~ KentaKusanagi -- one of the original, atypical, 'epic' MS song makers. Some Shakers were/are great at creating an atmosphere like Kenta, but none have done it better. When I first heard "The Titans," "Total War," "Rise of a Planet" and eventually the rest of his songs, I was an instant fan of his style. Plus, I'll always be grateful for his unexpected comment on my first song when I was still a MS noob. = P

~ ShadowCentury -- one of the best, most detailed (and nicest) all-around Shakers ever, in every genre he tried. His greatest song "Calamitous-Mass Appeal Part II" was...well, basically, that s**t was pure exaggeration. But he's not around these days, and "CMAII" is gone. = (

~ weavis69 -- one of my favorite rock Shakers back then, with that full, well-arranged, fluid style. His pop-rock 'michelle vocal' song "Concerto Angel" and grungy-rappy-metally song "Styles Collide" are ones that I remember most. Unfortunately, his account/songs are no longer active. ='(

**Also, an honorable mention shoutout to MamyOldMetalScootch (who also noticed newbie me), Rez, and all other MS 'early-days' folk lurking around...And obviously, much appreciation to present Shakers who keep this site going after all these years!

= )

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