About me

hello, as you can see in my username, my names santina. ive been using musicshake for about 5 years now. im a versatile artist, making music in alot of genres including: r&b, pop, hip hop, dance/techno, electronic and rock. although you will find r&b is the dominating genre in my songs. though ive used musicshake since i was 16, ive dabbled with song making since the age 13. along with making music, i also write lyrics and poetry. both creative writing and making music have been passions of mine due to how therapeutic they are and because i simply love to entertain. i love sharing my creations and i encourage feedback whether its praise or constructive criticism. after all, if people dont enjoy my music, im not doing my job!
you can also contact me via my facebook: santinabinagirlmoore
hope everyone enjoys! thank you :)

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