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Here it is, our Battle of the Schools entry. We have named ourselves the "PCLA Lions". So as to "set the theme".

Picture this, in the first half, the triumphant lions are heading out once again to claim a meal to support the pride. The lionsdepart on a longproud walk to their prey.

Then, they spot a heard of Zebra, time to move in.

(The rock drums begin their climb into the song)

.....The lions pounce onto their prey! Complete surprise is achieved! The lions once again return to the pride with a glorious and well deserved meal for all! Hooray!!...err-hmm...sorry, I got carried away. Lol!

Wehope you enjoy the song! Good luck to MrLoic and his team!We can't waitto hear their song!We're sure this will be a tough competition!


**Disclaimer- To whom it may concern- No offense to or derogation towards any lioness in her responsibilities as a hunter. (side bar- lion is equivilent to lioness in this article) =)

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